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Recently I went to a school re-union for my A-level class, back home in Germany. I hadn’t seen most of the people since leaving school more than 20 years ago. I was slightly nervous as I walked up to the door of the hall and walked in. What was everyone doing now? Were they still living in the same town or had they moved away? Do they all have families now? Most importantly – how do they look? I held my breath and walked in.

Inside, there was a mix of faces, many of which I recognized, many of which I did not. Almost instantly, I saw one of my friends from my chemistry A-level class. He looked almost exactly the same. He was talking to somebody, I assumed to be a friend he had brought with him, as I didn’t recognize her at all. She looked considerably older than the rest of us. I went up to say hello. It was only when I was at speaking distance that I realized to my utter shock that it was a friend of ours from the same year. She looked old. Not just older – but nearly like another generation. I just couldn’t reconcile the image of the pretty girl I had known at school, and the elderly-looking woman I was now talking to.

The experience went on throughout the evening. Some people looked almost the same, others I thought looked actually better now in their matured state, while some had shockingly aged far, far beyond their years.

This was the first time when the true meaning of anti-aging really struck home.

I often see patients in clinic and advise them on how to act if they want to slow down the aging process long-term – but this was the first time I had seen the real consequences in action after meeting many of these people again for the first time after more than 20 years.

Aging is never a ‘done deal’. Of course we all age, but each day we have a choice as to whether we want to try and age more quickly or age more slowly. And much of what to do, is already well known.

You might well already be doing the right things - eating right (not following official so-called ‘healthy eating’ advice, mind you, but my Future Food Plan™!), exercising right, not smoking. You might be careful with the sun and use good skincare. (If you are not, come and see me in clinic or check out www.EudeloBoutique.com.) However, chances are that you are neglecting an absolutely crucial factor, without even realizing! Not paying attention to this aspect might jeopardize all your good work.

All your efforts to optimize longevity and achieve beautiful, young looking skin might be in vain, if you don’t pay attention to this vitally important factor…

The latest research has revealed that stress today is a major aging factor for our skin. This is not surprising, as most of us have taxing jobs, demanding family needs, hectic daily schedules, challenging colleagues, exhausting commutes, not enough time in the day to get everything done etc., etc. Does any of that ring a bell?

It’s vital to lower release of the ‘Hormone of Death’

In today’s modern world we are exposed to an almost constant assault of low-level stress. This can lead to a persistent elevation of stress hormones including the incredibly aging stress hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol leads to destruction of collagen in the skin and other important structures in our body. Cortisol has also been referred to as the ‘death hormone’.

Scientists have known for a while that cortisol levels are associated with our health. But now they have shown that cortisol levels are also connected to how well we age. It has actually been confirmed in scientific studies that high levels of cortisol are linked to our face looking older!

An ancient solution to our modern problem!

You might now be thinking, “I would love to reduce my stress level to support skin health and longevity, but I just don’t know how”. Well, the good news is that there is an answer to this very common problem! The method I am talking about has been around for thousands of years and can be easily incorporated into all our daily lives. The answer is meditation!

Now, it’s easy to think that the benefits of meditation are rather airy-fairy, but don’t be mistaken - scientific research is proving otherwise. Meditation has been proven in various studies to be able to slash stress levels and turbo-charge relaxation. Scientific studies have even confirmed that regular meditation can improve telomere length (a marker of true biological age). Meditation can therefore help to make us younger on a cellular level.

Paying attention to this is something that simply cannot be left out of any truly effective anti-aging regime.

If you are serious about keeping your skin, mind and body as young and beautiful as possible, you just can’t afford to skip this.

But proper meditation takes years to learn. Or does it? ....

The problem is – traditional meditation is hard. I can tell you, because I have tried it myself – “empty your mind and concentrate on nothing”. What? ...

Despite knowing about the benefits of meditation, I quickly gave up. I simply did not have the patience and calmness to do it. This frustrated me and I was certain that I couldn’t be the only person finding it tricky. So I went on a mission to solve this problem, not only for myself, but also for others suffering with the same difficulties.

My aim was to create a youthfulness meditation, which allowed myself and others to truly enjoy meditation and reap all its benefits.

I started working with a renowned hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) expert and a psychologist (the latter was easiest to find, as my husband happens to be a psychologist…). Together we created an audio CD that allows people to effortlessly sink into a blissful state of relaxation, and also integrates positive affirmations to boost happiness and self-esteem when listened to on a regular basis.

I was very excited while creating this soundtrack. These specially created affirmations are highly effective at leading your mind in a positive direction and inducing a deep state of relaxation.

But then it got even better!

While we were creating and recording the spoken affirmations, I came across one of the most exceptional and exciting companies in Australia, who have devoted more than 12 years of research and development into developing a unique audio technology.

They have created highly innovative scientific sound technologies to promote calming brainwave patterns and lower the release of stress chemicals in our body.

This changed the game completely …

Brainwave patterns are essentially electric rhythms within our brains. These waves of electrical impulses are continually in motion and correlate to certain states of mind and consciousness. An EEG (electroencephalograph) can measure and record these waves within the brain.

Like an orchestra, your brain is constantly producing a suite of various rhythmic brainwave frequencies. At any given time, depending on what you're doing mentally, emotionally and physically, you will always be more dominant in some brainwave patterns than others and produce more calming neurochemicals or more stressful ones like cortisol.

In today's hectic lifestyle, enjoying a peaceful and relaxed state of mind has become rare. Most of our day we will be wide awake and alert (i.e. in beta waves). Then typically in the evening after a stressful day we 'crash out', often in front of the TV, into deep sleep (i.e. delta waves), often largely bypassing most of the beneficial intermediate frequencies such as alpha waves.

In the morning, waking to alarm clocks, we are 'rocketed' from deep sleep back into high beta waves – again bypassing the important relaxing intermediate frequencies. This is why it is so important for us to ‘retrain’ our brain and allow it to experience more relaxing brainwave patterns.

I am so excited about this! …

Now the exciting news is that the advanced audio produced by the Australian company I mentioned earlier, NeuroSonica, includes state-of-the-art, EEG-tested clinical ‘brainwave entrainment’ to quickly guide your brain into optimal states for meditation – simply by listening!

So you will understand that I was absolutely determined that my ‘Future Proof Your Skin’ anti-stress meditation audio would benefit from this exciting technology. I went on a mission to get NeuroSonica to create a custom-made brainwave optimization background track for my spoken audio.

Well, it wasn’t easy, but I am absolutely thrilled that in the end I convinced these renowned experts to add their expertise to my CD.

So now my CD benefits from an amazing mix of a guided, spoken meditation, plus ‘brainwave optimization’ using cutting edge sound technologies. This will support you in sinking into a highly beneficial and deeply relaxing hypnotic state that makes your mind more susceptible to the spoken audio and ultimately also encourages cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.

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The magic of using brainwaves

The unique abstract sounds (unlike anything your ear has ever heard before) behind our guided meditation voice-over will encourage your brain to go into blissful alpha, theta and delta brainwaves (and then ends with special stimulation audio to brighten up your day!).

We experience highly beneficial alpha frequencies in that very pleasant half-awake/half-asleep state preceding sleep, where things forgotten are often remembered, new insights and ideas arise and so on.

Theta waves are the brainwaves you naturally enter when experiencing a hypnotic state, thus making your mind even more open to the positive suggestions and affirmations in our voice audio.

Delta waves are brainwaves known to support cell repair and regeneration.

Listening to my CD will be an extraordinarily relaxing and at the same time uplifting experience, a little island of pure ‘me-time’ you can look forward to every day. It will not only help ‘Future Proof’ your skin and your entire body, but also help make you feel more positive and confident about yourself.

This isn’t a CD you just listen to once and let it sit on the bookshelf to collect dust

This therapeutic meditation is a perfect complement to any other skin rejuvenation efforts such as a skin-friendly way of eating (as described in my book ‘Future Proof Your Skin! Slow down your biological clock by changing the way you eat’) and good skincare (see www.EudeloBoutique.com). It acts in perfect synergy to maximize and enhance their effects.

I recommend listening to the 20-minute track once daily in order to help reduce stress hormone release, support deep relaxation and encourage repair and regeneration on a cellular level, ultimately supporting skin health and longevity.

Neglecting the stress aspect of anti-aging is like shutting all the windows in the house and leaving the front door wide open!

Some people spend thousands of pounds to gain the benefits that this CD can deliver

It is really important to me that my groundbreaking CD is widely available for everybody, as this is such a little known, yet crucial aspect of anti-aging. The sound technologies used on my CD are extremely advanced, and have taken over a decade and tens of thousands of pounds to develop. Despite this, all these benefits will be made available to you for only a fraction of that.

The benefits can be huge. Did I mention that some experts believe that ‘micro’ stress reduction methods (i.e. short, but repeated often, like this CD) are more effective in stress reduction over the long term than ‘macro’ methods such as an annual holiday?

You can view this as a holiday you can take again and again and again

But without all the stress that goes with a holiday: The booking, the travelling, the adjusting to your new environment, the cost (and the ‘hitting the ground running’ on your return – been there, done that!). And the best thing - this anti-stress meditation will never run out, you can (and should) continue using it long-term.

How else will you reap the benefits of this anti-stress meditation? Well I can think of a few: A holiday would certainly be nice. But for most of us, the option of just heading off into the sun whenever we feel the need isn’t an option. The commitments of everyday life do not disappear and we need a way to get the benefits of going away without the time, disruption and cost that heading off for a week or more will bring. This anti-stress meditation is the perfect answer.

Or you could learn to meditate the traditional way. I would certainly applaud you if you did. But it will not happen overnight. For most of us, this will take years of dedicated practice. Not everyone has the time or discipline.

But in the meantime, our everyday stress still needs to be dealt with. This anti-stress meditation will help you reap many of the benefits of meditation within a short time frame, thanks to the cutting-edge brainwave technology and NLP expertise that have been built in.

You might think you don’t have the time to de-stress everyday. Yes, I know life is busy. And you certainly can go through life building up increasing levels of stress, and accompanying stress hormones like cortisol. But then you have to ask yourself - how seriously do you take your general health (and appearance…)?

The effects of stress on how we look are very difficult to reverse. If you think about how long most of us take making ourselves look our best in the morning and throughout the day – 20 minutes (of pleasurable relaxation time…) is a drop in the ocean.

But of course it goes much deeper than appearance. Evidence indicates that living a less stressed life can lead you to live longer. So by using this anti-stress meditation consistently you might actually be gaining time.

The benefits of having me as your personal coach right with you

I’ve thought long and hard about how I can best help people to get started with their anti-stress activities and then to keep going. I really did not want people to feel that they’ve bought the CD, and then they are left on their own. In fact, originally I was not going to include this – but I wanted to make this anti-stress package as valuable as possible.

So I also developed a 4-week online course that will hold your hand through the process of gradually trying to moderate your stress levels. The online course will help you through learning about:

  • What stress is on a molecular level, and what effects it has on our body
  • How stress can make you look older and potentially reduce your life-span
  • The essential Tips & Tricks to reduce stress
  • Details on how best to use the meditation CD
  • Sleep and how it is very closely linked to stress and aging (and lots of other health related aspects – even weight loss!)
  • Exercise and other lifestyle habits and the effect they have on our stress level, skin health and longevity

I will personally talk you through this information step-by-step.

As I wanted to make this information as accessible as possible, I have divided the information up into four modules, together with a fun quiz and ‘homework’, that lets you practice what you have learnt in bite-sized chunks, which you can take at your own pace.

You won’t be overwhelmed with information, but will have time to assimilate and practice it, before being presented with the next logical steps.

This should answer the main questions you have about how stress can shorten your life. However for some people (I know – I’m one of them) you can never have enough detail. If someone says “the research shows”, I am pleased to hear that, but I want to know exactly what it showed. That’s why I’ve also included the ‘Future Proof’ Stress Management Book, which is your more advanced guide into what we know about the connection of stress and aging in 2014.

This book explains exactly why I am urging you to act now and start ‘Future Proofing’ yourself based on specific research studies. So for those of you who need more evidence, this will let you identify the research findings (with concrete reference list) for yourself.

Usually academic research and practical how-to guides live in totally different worlds. My stress management kit is unique in merging those two worlds. I am confident that by the time you have read the book, any lingering doubts about the importance of stress moderation will have melted away.

The key to how quickly you are likely to age is in your own hands…

The only question is, if you want to take up the knowledge and act on it. You might be surprised at how small actions can make big differences. For example, the information you will find in the book and online course will help you understand:

  • The number one stressor we are exposed to (which you could eliminate today!)
  • The most important thing you should do straight away, when feeling stressed
  • How to squeeze important benefits of an expensive and time-consuming gym membership into 4 minutes you can do in your pyjamas at home!
  • How to find out your true biological age (which might be very different to the age it shows in your passport!)
  • When reducing physical activity may actually reduce your body’s stress levels
  • How certain postures can help you cut stress immediately
  • The activity we have been taught is healthy which we should stop right now (if you don’t want to end up looking older than you peers…)
  • How stress and eating habits may interact and what NOT to eat and drink when feeling stressed

In short, you will become an expert on how to successfully moderate your stress levels. But you won’t just know what to do, but also why to do it. This is SO important in helping you form your own conviction to carry on.

The cost of doing nothing

Think about this for a moment – what if you carry on as you do now and don’t moderate your stress levels? What would the cost be then? Well this is not to be taken lightly. Consider the costs of burnout to you and your loved ones. But even if it doesn’t come to an extreme end like that, being less stressed will certainly allow you to perform more effectively in the long run (not to mention increased health and happiness).

I have to think again also of my friend from school, who had aged incredibly in the two decades since we had last seen each other. Every day in clinic people pay me thousands of pounds to help them look younger through cosmetic procedures. This is probably something I should not shout too loudly – but prevention is much cheaper than cure!

If I factor in the time you spend with me on the online course and compare that to what I charge for the many paid talks I give on the subject or a one-to-one session, you would need to spend at least £500 for the cost of the course alone. The technology and expertise involved in producing the anti-stress meditation CD warrant a price tag of £350. Together that is already £850, plus the exclusive book packed full of research and helpful tips, which is available nowhere else. However in order to help as many people as possible, I am offering the entire anti-stress kit for a limited time for only £147.

But the biggest cost actually cannot have a price put on to it

If you care about your appearance and long-term health, stress management is simply something you cannot leave out.

But what would you give for simply living longer? (In a good, happy way of course, not a miserable, dependable way!). I know I personally certainly cannot put a price on this. Some things are indeed priceless. Yet all the research indicates that lowering your stress level might in fact increase the number of days you have to spend with your friends and family, as well as improving your quality of life throughout this time.

And imagine – even if you are not disciplined enough to listen to this meditation every day – simply understanding the true mechanisms of stress and the behaviors you should engage in as well as avoid – is invaluable.

In fact I am so certain of the benefits you will gain from the anti-stress kit that I am offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply try the meditation, carry out the online course (don’t forget the homework!) and read the book. If after 30 days you do not feel this has been helpful, simply return all the materials and I will refund everything you have paid.

This is how certain I am of the value of the anti-stress meditation kit.

And as an introductory, strictly time limited, exclusive bonus we will also be giving away a copy of my book ‘Future Proof Your Skin! Slow down your biological clock by changing the way you eat.’ to the first 50 people, who buy my stress management kit through this website.

To order the package and have it shipped out to you today, simply click the button below to begin your first steps towards a less stressed and more youthful life.

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  • I know that I might be aging more quickly right now than I need to
  • I know that the anti-stress kit contains information, techniques and technology, which will help me de-stress and help to slow down the aging process
  • I know that the anti-stress kit is covered by your 30-day guarantee, which will let me try out and read everything and return it to you for a full refund, if I am not entirely happy
  • I understand if I am one of the first 50 to take action, I will also receive a copy of your book ‘Future Proof Your Skin! Slow down your biological clock by changing the way you eat.’
  • Please send me your anti-stress meditation kit immediately
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Dr Stefanie Williams, MD,

Dedicated to helping you look younger & live longer.

P.S. You’re about to take an important step towards living a longer, healthier and ‘better looking’ life. I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

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